Session 6
Dead Calm

Thursday, 30/07/2020

The communication with Hurley is briefly interrupted by the arrival of reinforcements in the form of agents the field team have had contact with in the past. After some awkward encounters, conversing with Hurley reveals cryptic clues as to the nature of her ordeal during the attempt to liberate PSI-Force Aberdeen during the Blaze.


Friday, 31/07/2020

The team do some office based work and research before attending the funeral of their departed Berwick colleagues. Afterwards they investigate some autopsy reports of agents who died during the Aberdeen engagement. In the evening several outings occur to various spots in Newcastle to celebrate life and payment.

Monday, 03/08/2020

After a weekend of recovery the PC’s embark on a journey to Aberdeen, passing through the Scottish border checkpoint with little trouble.

Tuesday, 04/08/2020

Having spent the night in a hotel, the team prepare to investigate the decomissioned Aberdeen facility…

Session 5

Monday, 27/07/2020

The team return to work to discover the offices vacant as some crisis is occuring elsewhere. Already cases are starting to mount, and priorities are made. In Hebburn the team investigate an arms dealer known only as “Jurgen” and his sinister cargo of anti-psychic drugs.

Tuesday, 28/07/2020

Determinging that the chemical release case is a more pressing concern, the team infiltrate the local UniMind offices in Newcastle to uncover the supplier of the catalyst drug metaparadrynilline. The supplier is discovered to be the pharmaceutical firm Genesys International.


Wednesday, 29/07/2020

The team spend a day researching and uncover more information about Genesys International, including the fact it’s only offices are in Malaga, Spain. They also discover Jurgen’s checquered past as a European arms dealer.

Thursday, 30/07/2020

The team arrange to speak with Jennifer Hurley, an agent injured in an incident connected with the case as a whole…

Session 4
Flood Warning

Tuesday, 21/07/2020

The field teams split up to investigate new cases as they wait for the lab analysis of the chemicals recovered from the Kielder Reservoir. Inconclusive results are gathered.

Wednesday, 22/07/2020

Adamson and Crane stake out Mowbray Park to look for a psychic pervert. Sharp and Fran are sent to nearby Middlesbrough to investigate unusual disturbances at a RoboFac. Hana and Kay journey to a church whose aged congretation are suffering from unusually large amounts of fatigue. More inconclusive results are gathered.

Thursday, 23/07/2020

It is discovered there is a full-scale conflict occurring at the RoboFac as it has been repurposed to develop combat robots. Regiment 24 are called in and wipe the place out. PSI suffers injuries and Fran is badly injured. Due to the conflict, Hana is left temporarily in charge of PSI-Force Sunderland. She investigates sightings of the dead walking with Adamson and Crane. It is soon learned the “dead” are telekinetically controlled manequins and their animator is neutralised by his own powers backfiring.

Friday, 24/07/2020

The lab results return and the field team learn the compounds have made a diluted form of the catalyst drug metaparadrynilline. This assignment is pushed to a higher priority to resolve as soon as possible. Adamson returns from the hospital after injuries sustained during the confrontation with the telekinetic and Sharp returns from Middlesbrough.


Monday, 27/07/2020

After a weekend of relaxation the team to return to work. They know that a flood of new cases is about to strike…

Session 3
Distant Thunder

Saturday, 18/07/2020

The flying naked man (now known as Barry Strong) is taken to Newcastle General hospital along with Adamson. Both are seen to by doctors. Agent Hardt arrives to provide healing assistance, reducing Adamson’s recovery time from 3 weeks to just over 1.

While Hana deals with PCOS and Barry’s carer, Hardt receives a PSI-Com call from her handler and frantically rouses the team to action. Contact has been lost with the Berwick field team.

Agent Sophia LaCouer of PSI-Force Intelligence swiftly arrives and the team are briefed. Berwick has been tracking a person of interest, Dillon McCleary of “the Network”, a terrorist organisation PSI-Force had thought was shut down in 2018. He was last seen boarding a van and heading toward Kielder Reservoir. The team deploy to stop his plan, whatever it is.

The team arrive just ahead of McCleary. What follows is a protracted and difficult engagement, exacerbated by the team’s lack of field experience in combat situations. No casualties ensued, though Hana, Crane and two suspects were injured to varying degrees of severity. The suspects were able to dump a portion of an unknown chemical into the reservoir however.


LaCoeur quickly contains the situation and redeploys to PSI-Force Jedburgh, where the team discovers a grisly sight – the twisted remains of their former colleagues.

Sunday, 19/07/2020

The team take a well-earned rest and try to forget the horrors of the previous day.

Monday, 20/07/2020

The team return to work and begin interrogating the captives and investigating leads surrounding the situation. They discover the presence of Robert Wake (callsign Meltdown), a former PSI-Force agent and member of Newcastle’s Alpha team, now apparently a rogue operative. Wake had been the one to supply the unknown chemical.

Tuesday, 21/07/2020

New cases await the team as more information comes to light…

Session 2
The Gathering Storm

Wednesday, 15/07/2020

The team get into an altercation with drunk civilians which ends in one arrest. The squatter is left in PSI Sunderland custody. Later in the day, the team is given new assignments. When evening arrives, they crash, exhausted from the punishing schedule.


Thursday, 16/07/2020

The team investigate new assignments, gathering information but few hard facts. Crane and Adamson meet with the PSI-Force Berwick field team. At the end of the day the agents spend some downtime relaxing.

Friday, 17/07/2020

A late start for the team as they engage in night operations. Crane and Sharp locate a lost astrally projecting girl and contact their counterparts in PSI-Force Jersey.

Saturday, 18/07/2020

Hoshikawa and Adamson confirm the existence of the flying naked man. He is forced to land with extreme prejudice.

Session 1
The Dark before the Dawn

Friday, 10/07/2020

A new field team assembles at PSI-Force Newcastle. Following a briefing with Regional Head Gary Vaughn the team make their way to their new assignment in the northern town of Sunderland. After meeting with their new manager Katarina Ackerman and her second in command Alex Smith at the branch offices, the team splits up for the weekend.

Monday, 13/07/2020

The team returns to work and are assigned new cases. Hana and Crane tackle locating a distraught woman who had checked into the local PSI offices, while Adamson, Sharp and Hardt investigate mysterious power outages at the local shopping centre known as the Bridges.

Tuesday, 14/07/2020

Hana and Crane locate the woman in a Farringdon housing estate. After discovering her uncontrollable psychic powers she is brought to PSI Sunderland for processing. Following further investigation, the entire team stakes out the Bridges’ secondary generator.

Wednesday, 15/07/2020

The team apprehend the squatter living next to the generator and bring him in to be processed in the morning.


Session 0
The Cold Dawn

PSI-Force X: Phase 1

In a dreary town in northern England, conditions are escalating.

A new team arrives.

Can they turn the tide?


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