Session 1

The Dark before the Dawn

Friday, 10/07/2020

A new field team assembles at PSI-Force Newcastle. Following a briefing with Regional Head Gary Vaughn the team make their way to their new assignment in the northern town of Sunderland. After meeting with their new manager Katarina Ackerman and her second in command Alex Smith at the branch offices, the team splits up for the weekend.

Monday, 13/07/2020

The team returns to work and are assigned new cases. Hana and Crane tackle locating a distraught woman who had checked into the local PSI offices, while Adamson, Sharp and Hardt investigate mysterious power outages at the local shopping centre known as the Bridges.

Tuesday, 14/07/2020

Hana and Crane locate the woman in a Farringdon housing estate. After discovering her uncontrollable psychic powers she is brought to PSI Sunderland for processing. Following further investigation, the entire team stakes out the Bridges’ secondary generator.

Wednesday, 15/07/2020

The team apprehend the squatter living next to the generator and bring him in to be processed in the morning.




Session 1


Session 1

Test 2

Session 1

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