Session 2

The Gathering Storm

Wednesday, 15/07/2020

The team get into an altercation with drunk civilians which ends in one arrest. The squatter is left in PSI Sunderland custody. Later in the day, the team is given new assignments. When evening arrives, they crash, exhausted from the punishing schedule.


Thursday, 16/07/2020

The team investigate new assignments, gathering information but few hard facts. Crane and Adamson meet with the PSI-Force Berwick field team. At the end of the day the agents spend some downtime relaxing.

Friday, 17/07/2020

A late start for the team as they engage in night operations. Crane and Sharp locate a lost astrally projecting girl and contact their counterparts in PSI-Force Jersey.

Saturday, 18/07/2020

Hoshikawa and Adamson confirm the existence of the flying naked man. He is forced to land with extreme prejudice.



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