Session 3

Distant Thunder

Saturday, 18/07/2020

The flying naked man (now known as Barry Strong) is taken to Newcastle General hospital along with Adamson. Both are seen to by doctors. Agent Hardt arrives to provide healing assistance, reducing Adamson’s recovery time from 3 weeks to just over 1.

While Hana deals with PCOS and Barry’s carer, Hardt receives a PSI-Com call from her handler and frantically rouses the team to action. Contact has been lost with the Berwick field team.

Agent Sophia LaCouer of PSI-Force Intelligence swiftly arrives and the team are briefed. Berwick has been tracking a person of interest, Dillon McCleary of “the Network”, a terrorist organisation PSI-Force had thought was shut down in 2018. He was last seen boarding a van and heading toward Kielder Reservoir. The team deploy to stop his plan, whatever it is.

The team arrive just ahead of McCleary. What follows is a protracted and difficult engagement, exacerbated by the team’s lack of field experience in combat situations. No casualties ensued, though Hana, Crane and two suspects were injured to varying degrees of severity. The suspects were able to dump a portion of an unknown chemical into the reservoir however.


LaCoeur quickly contains the situation and redeploys to PSI-Force Jedburgh, where the team discovers a grisly sight – the twisted remains of their former colleagues.

Sunday, 19/07/2020

The team take a well-earned rest and try to forget the horrors of the previous day.

Monday, 20/07/2020

The team return to work and begin interrogating the captives and investigating leads surrounding the situation. They discover the presence of Robert Wake (callsign Meltdown), a former PSI-Force agent and member of Newcastle’s Alpha team, now apparently a rogue operative. Wake had been the one to supply the unknown chemical.

Tuesday, 21/07/2020

New cases await the team as more information comes to light…



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