Session 4

Flood Warning

Tuesday, 21/07/2020

The field teams split up to investigate new cases as they wait for the lab analysis of the chemicals recovered from the Kielder Reservoir. Inconclusive results are gathered.

Wednesday, 22/07/2020

Adamson and Crane stake out Mowbray Park to look for a psychic pervert. Sharp and Fran are sent to nearby Middlesbrough to investigate unusual disturbances at a RoboFac. Hana and Kay journey to a church whose aged congretation are suffering from unusually large amounts of fatigue. More inconclusive results are gathered.

Thursday, 23/07/2020

It is discovered there is a full-scale conflict occurring at the RoboFac as it has been repurposed to develop combat robots. Regiment 24 are called in and wipe the place out. PSI suffers injuries and Fran is badly injured. Due to the conflict, Hana is left temporarily in charge of PSI-Force Sunderland. She investigates sightings of the dead walking with Adamson and Crane. It is soon learned the “dead” are telekinetically controlled manequins and their animator is neutralised by his own powers backfiring.

Friday, 24/07/2020

The lab results return and the field team learn the compounds have made a diluted form of the catalyst drug metaparadrynilline. This assignment is pushed to a higher priority to resolve as soon as possible. Adamson returns from the hospital after injuries sustained during the confrontation with the telekinetic and Sharp returns from Middlesbrough.


Monday, 27/07/2020

After a weekend of relaxation the team to return to work. They know that a flood of new cases is about to strike…



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