Session 5


Monday, 27/07/2020

The team return to work to discover the offices vacant as some crisis is occuring elsewhere. Already cases are starting to mount, and priorities are made. In Hebburn the team investigate an arms dealer known only as “Jurgen” and his sinister cargo of anti-psychic drugs.

Tuesday, 28/07/2020

Determinging that the chemical release case is a more pressing concern, the team infiltrate the local UniMind offices in Newcastle to uncover the supplier of the catalyst drug metaparadrynilline. The supplier is discovered to be the pharmaceutical firm Genesys International.


Wednesday, 29/07/2020

The team spend a day researching and uncover more information about Genesys International, including the fact it’s only offices are in Malaga, Spain. They also discover Jurgen’s checquered past as a European arms dealer.

Thursday, 30/07/2020

The team arrange to speak with Jennifer Hurley, an agent injured in an incident connected with the case as a whole…



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