Session 6

Dead Calm

Thursday, 30/07/2020

The communication with Hurley is briefly interrupted by the arrival of reinforcements in the form of agents the field team have had contact with in the past. After some awkward encounters, conversing with Hurley reveals cryptic clues as to the nature of her ordeal during the attempt to liberate PSI-Force Aberdeen during the Blaze.


Friday, 31/07/2020

The team do some office based work and research before attending the funeral of their departed Berwick colleagues. Afterwards they investigate some autopsy reports of agents who died during the Aberdeen engagement. In the evening several outings occur to various spots in Newcastle to celebrate life and payment.

Monday, 03/08/2020

After a weekend of recovery the PC’s embark on a journey to Aberdeen, passing through the Scottish border checkpoint with little trouble.

Tuesday, 04/08/2020

Having spent the night in a hotel, the team prepare to investigate the decomissioned Aberdeen facility…



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