Amanda "Amy" Whitfield

Specialist, PSI-Force Sunderland


Rank: Specialist
Assignment: PSI-Force Sunderland
Role: Reconnaissance
ID: 561354
Callsign: Hellhound

Power: Astral Projection
P-Class: Theta 8
Psionic Role: Psionic Reconnaissance


Amy left college just before the Uprising and spent her days using her abilities to covertly assist defence forces along the west coast of the UK. By this stage she had gained useful field experience in investigation and security circumvention. However, she’d been tagged on a MI5 watchlist and only intervention by PSI-Force was able to save her from a life of imprisonment, or worse. Instead, PSI-Force made her an offer she literally could not refuse.

Amy has recently been transferred to the Sunderland branch where her expertise should have a greater chance of being recognised.

Amanda "Amy" Whitfield

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