Kassy Blake

Agent, PSI-Force Sunderland


Rank: Agent
Assignment: PSI-Force Sunderland
Role: Technical Support
ID: 972056
Callsign: Fritz

Power: Ergokinesis
P-Class: Beta 26
Psionic Role: Electronic Disruption


Kassy graduated from the University of Birmingham with a 2:1 (Hons) in Computer Science and was to begin a Masters degree in 2018 when her powers emerged. At the time she had no ability to control them whatsoever and after causing ten million credits worth of damages to the University she had no choice but to be recruited into PSI.

As of 2020 she has marginal control over her abilities and has been reassigned to the Sunderland office in the hopes a less tactically sensitive region can mitigate her outbursts.

Kassy Blake

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